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Competent and ambitious experts for the field of early childhood education

Are you interested in early childhood education and pedagogy for children under the age of seven? Do you plan to work in a multicultural and multilingual environment? Or perhaps you would like to study in English in order to be more internationally-oriented in the fast-changing society.

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Early Childhood Education offers you the qualifications to work as a early childhood education and care teacher and pre-primary education teacher.

The programme includes basic and intermediate studies in education and also offers students the opportunity to enrol in other courses available at the Tampere Universities. Students may also include an exchange period abroad to be a part of the studies.

Students graduating from the programme will be experts on matters related to childhood, such as growth, development, and learning. They also understand the importance of responsiveness and interaction in education and teaching and are able to use scientific knowledge in their work.

With such a skill set, the graduates are professionals who will be able to develop and change the world of education in their work environment. Students will be well prepared to meet the constant demands of society and find jobs as

  • early childhood education and care teachers,
  • pre-primary education teachers,
  • directors of day care centers or
  • experts in educational development tasks.

The extent of the degree programme is 180 ECTS credits and it takes three years to complete. Full time studies begin in August 2019.

How to apply

The Bachelor´s Programme in Educational Studies (Early Childhood Education) qualifies you to work as an early childhood education and care teacher and pre-primary education teacher in Finland.

The application process takes place in the Finnish Studyinfo Portal. Go to the page Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Education (3 yrs) to see the admissions criteria and to apply.