Admission criteria

The application period for the IPPE programme starting in August 2019 has ended.

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Please read throuhg the language requirements carefully!

The admission criteria to the doctoral programme is a master’s degree (equivalent to at least four years of study) in a relevant study area, such as medicine, public health or biostatistics.

Basic knowledge in epidemiology and statistics is desirable. Priority will be given to students who have a research plan or at least a preliminary idea of a research project that can be used as research material for the doctoral degree.

The students will complete the theoretical studies and finalize their research plan in Finland. After that students have the option of working on their PhD project in Finland or abroad. Completion of a doctoral degree usually requires 3-4 additional years of research work.

The programme requires residence in Tampere, Finland, for 10 months (August – May) during the theoretical part of the programme. After completing their independent work on the dissertation the students will have the oral examination (Doctoral defence) in Tampere.