Programme content

The required coursework includes doctoral level courses in epidemiology, biostatistics and other health sciences (for more information see the Curricula guide).

The students have considerable latitude in selecting courses and the program may be tailored to meet the individual learning and professional goals of the student. The selected PhD candidates will attend the following academic year (August 2019 – May 2020) at the Health Sciences Campus (Kauppi Campus) of the Faculty of Social Sciences to complete the required coursework (60 ECTS).


The programme includes  weekly research seminars during which the candidates prepare a comprehensive research plan for their PhD thesis project. The bulk of field research, however, is generally conducted after the coursework has been completed. The candidates have the option of working in their country of origin or in Finland.

Completion of a doctoral degree usually requires 2-3 years after completion of coursework. A doctoral dissertation in epidemiology usually includes three to four original scientific papers published in a peer reviewed journal. After completion of coursework and successful public defense of dissertation, the candidate will receive a doctoral degree (PhD) in epidemiology or a related field.

Curricula guide