AccomodationPlease take into consideration that it may take some time to find accommodation in Tampere especially in the beginning of the autumn semester, when the new students are also looking for apartments in Tampere.

General information on accommodation in Finland:
Accommodation in Finland (Euraxess)
Different Accommodation options in Tampere (VisitTampere)


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Useful Vocabulary

1h / yksiö one room apartment
2h / kaksio two room apartment
3 h / kolmio three room apartment
kph bathroom
/kk per month
k kitchen
kimppakämppä / soluasunto shared apartment
huone / soluhuone room (usually in a shared apartment)
vuokra rent
vapaa / vapautuu available from
vuokranantaja lessor
kerrostalo block of flats
tarjotaan vuokralle offered for rent
vuokralle halutaan wanted for rent
yhteystiedot contact information
osoite address