Information for Grant Workers / Visitors with Own Funding

The Faculties of the University of Tampere are responsible for the invitations for visitors and grant workers. Grant work is independently undertaken and an employment contract is not signed. A visitor agreement is done with all visitors working for a longer period of time at UTA premises. Benefits based on employment legislation or regulations do not apply for grant workers or visitors.

If you are currently studying in another university and are independently applying to UTA, please see more information about Admissions at UTA.

Social Benefits in Finland

Researchers working on a foreign grant are not considered as employees within the meaning of EU Regulation 1408/71, even if their grant corresponds in amount to the salary that would be paid for comparable research work. Just as with researchers from other countries, your coverage under the Finnish social security system depends on whether you are considered to move permanently to Finland. More information from Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland.

Health Care

Because you do not have an employment contract but your working in Finland is based on a grant, you are not entitled to occupational health care.
Public Health Care Services in Finland
Marsh Student Insurance Programme (also for researchers and their families)
Health insurance and services (UTA)


It is recommended you acquire a European Health Insurance Card from your home country before arriving in Finland, especially if you are working on a grant. You do need the European Health Insurance Card in order to be treated in Finland, but without one healthcare in Finland might be costly. The European Health Insurance Card covers emergency treatment in the event of an illness or injury and other medically necessary treatment with the same price as the local residents. You can also get medical treatment if you have a pre-existing chronic condition that requires medical attention while you are abroad.

Third-Country Citizens

For those people coming from outside the EU and working on a grant in Finland, we highly recommend a medical insurance (for instance, Marsh SIP), as you are not entitled to the publicly funded, inexpensive public health care, unless you live in Finland permanently (have stayed in Finland for at least two years).

Statutory Pension and Accident Insurance (grant received from Finland)

The grant recipient (grant received from Finland) must apply for pension insurance and insurance against accidents or occupational diseases if s/he works uninterruptedly for at least four months with a grant (minimum amount EUR 1238.43 according to 2014 guidelines). The insurance application must be filed within three months from the beginning of the grant period to The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela. More information about the insurance from Mela , tel. 020 630 0695 or vakuutus(at)

More information on taxation, social security etc. is available at the In To Finland Service.