All employees of the University of Tampere are entitled to occupational health care. It includes preventive health care as required by law and the services of general practitioners and occupational psychologists. Occupational health care does not cover all specialist health care, dental care or e.g. possible hospital expenses. More general information on Occupational Health Care in Finland. You are strongly advised to obtain a good health insurance for yourself (and your family members) from your home country to cover at least the first year of your stay (eg. SIP-insurance). This is to secure your early stay in Finland.

European Health Insurance Card mainly covers emergency treatment in the event of an illness or injury and other medically necessary treatment. You can also get medical treatment if you have a pre-existing chronic condition that requires medical attention while you are abroad.

Public health care services in Finland are funded mainly with taxes, whereas the right to health care is determined on the basis of municipality of residence. Service providers operate both in the public and private sector. Health care services are generally included in the scope of responsibility of the municipalities and they are provided by local health centres. Each municipality has its own health centre, although as an exception some smaller municipalities can share their resources with a neighbouring district. Health centres offer physician, dentist, laboratory and X-ray services. The municipalities own and are in charge of almost all of the hospitals. In addition, there are a few private and state owned hospitals. The private sector services complement the public ones. Actors in the private sector include, among others, some hospitals, rehabilitation centres and all pharmacies excluding the ones operating within hospitals.

If you are considered to live in Finland permanently (main rule two years or more), you are insured by the National Health Insurance (NHI) and if you have a municipality of residence (kotikunta), you are entitled to the same public health care services as Finnish nationals. The National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme is part of the Finnish social security system. Even an employment for more than four months usually gives you partially the right to Finland’s social security system.

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