Everyone working in Finland earns income-based pension. In Finland, the statutory pension provision consists of the employment-based earnings-related pension and the residence-based national pension. The earnings-related pension safeguards the stabilised level of consumption achieved during the time of active participation in working life.

Employees earnings-related pension contribution is 6,15 % if you are 17-52 years old, 7,65 % when you are 53-62 years old and 6,15 % when you are 63-67 (2017). The employer deducts the statutory pension contribution from your monthly salary. A Finnish earnings-related pension is paid out to a foreign employee residing in any country.

The pension contributions are not returned to you when you move from Finland, but when you reach retirement age and apply for the pension. If you move from Finland before retirement age, we recommend you to order a document stating your accrued earnings-related pension. When you apply for the pension at retirement age, you can present this document and make the pension application procedure much smoother. Please contact either Varma or KeVa for this document.


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