The Finnish social security system is administered by the Finnish Social Insurance Institution, KELA. Persons immigrating to Finland can usually get various benefits from KELA if they take up permanent residence. In some cases the right to KELA benefits can also be based on working in Finland even if the person does not take up permanent residence in Finland (employment for more than four months). You will always have to apply for the entitlement to the Finnish social security. More information on social benefits in this guidebook by Kela.

In matters concerning health and social security it is advisable to contact the In To – Finland service, which is designed especially for foreign employees coming to work in Finland.

Kela Card

All who are covered under the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme of Finland are issued a personal health insurance card, the Kela Card. Foreign employees are entitled to get one, as soon as they have worked in Finland for at least four months. You will receive your own Kela Card upon registering in the Finnish social security system.


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