Recognizing the Power of Spouses!


The aim of the project is to facilitate the employment of international researchers’ spouses in the Finnish economy and support the growth and internationalization of local SMEs. We commit to provide networking, mentoring and professional development by empowering spouses in the Finnish community. The project promotes the growth and international activities of the regional industries and businesses by enabling them to tap into the “hidden” expertise of expatriates’ spouse. Hidden Gems in a Nutshell on YouTube.


In today’s world, migration of citizens within a country or outside of the geographical borders is a common reality. Globalization expands cross-cultural contacts and create changes regarding cultural context, consequently reforming traditions, cultural roles, norms and values. Migrants in new environment tend to reorganize their reality by renewing their communication practices and their identity. Oftentimes, companies provide support to foreign workers, however their families are often left aside. Research tells us that successful expatriate assignments has been found highly correlated to the spouse adjustment in their new settings. We must tackle this issue to retain highly skilled international talents in Finland.


Hidden Gems is a two years project launched in March 2018. There will be two separate pilot groups, one from September-February 2018 and one from January-June 2019.


If your partner, wife or husband is a researcher in one of the three Tampere universities you are eligible to participate in one of the pilot groups.


Have you followed your beloved one to Finland? Join the Spousal community and get networking, mentoring and professional support in your integration to the Finnish community.


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Hidden Gems project is an initiative of Tampere3 taking part in the Talent Boost agenda of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and funded by the European Union Social Fund.